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Four Real Benefits of Small Business Saturday for Local Business

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Small Business Saturday is an annual shopping event dedicated to helping small local business. It was founded in 2010 and due to its popularity among shoppers and local business, this event was recognized as public holiday a year later. Every year, the number of people looking for Small Business Saturday near me keeps increasing. In 2016, it is estimated that more than 100 million Americans shopped at this event to show their support for local business in their area. Here are some benefits of this shopping tradition and why people around America are happily celebrating it every year.

Giving More Chances for Local Business to Compete

It is not a secret that the market is heavily dominated by big retails, leaving very small room for local businesses to show what they are capable of. Small Business Saturday can provide solution for that issue. By joining this shopping event, small local business will have a chance to promote their product.

Yes, business can always post a billboard, distribute flyers and even make TV or radio advertisements. However, those marketing plans are too expensive for small business. Besides, it is hard to predict how effective those strategies will be. If they spend their resources to sell their products in Small Business Saturday, they will have a chance to meet potential customers directly. This is why, every local business should find Small Business Saturday near me and take advantage of that great opportunity.

Bigger Contributions to Local Community

Studies show that around 40% of purchases made at local business will stay in the community. Meanwhile, for purchases at retail stores it is estimated that only 14% of purchases will go back to the community. As a result, when people shop at independent local stores, they are basically contributing to the development of their own community.

Furthermore, small businesses are also more likely to give back to the community. They know what their neighborhood needs and since more developed community will affect their business positively, most local business owners don’t hesitate to contribute for the development of their community.

Find More Diverse Products

Chain stores usually display products according to national interests. On the other hand, local businesses focus on products that reflect their community’s interests. As a result, local business stores are more willing and able to create more diverse products, something that cannot be easily found in chain stores. They know what the people in their community wants and they are also more likely to create products using unique local ingredients. The good news is, local business’ products are usually cheaper compared to retail products. This is the main reason why people are always eager to visit Small Business Saturday near me every November.

Open More Job Opportunities

Supporting local business will not only benefit the owner of the business, but also the whole community. The more prosperous the small business is, there is a higher chance that they are going to need to hire more employees to run the business. It means, nurturing small local business is one of the best ways to reduce unemployment in an area.

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