Mental Health Counselor Degrees

Mental Health Counselor Degrees

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Do you want to be a mental health counselor? If so, you need to know about mental health counselor degree. Read the information below to know more about it.

What is Mental Health Counselor?

Some people want to be a mental health counselor because they want to help many people who have mental health problem. As we know that mental problem influences life, and even it causes serious impact. People with mental problem usually get other problems. So, they need to meet mental health counselor to solve their mental health problem.

So, what is mental health counselor? We can call mental health counselor as individuals who help people to overcome mental health problems, such as depression, PTSD, OCD, and many more. By helping people with mental health problem, mental health counselors do many ways to make those people having healthier mental condition.

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What Degree Levels are Available?

Whenever you want to be a mental counselor, you need to get master degree. Yes, a licensed health mental counselor requires master’s degree and also clinical experiences. So, after you have gotten bachelor degree, you need to continue your study for getting master degree. Finally, you can be a licensed mental health counselor.

You may feel so confuse about program you need to choose for becoming a mental health counselor. In bachelor degree, you can take psychology program for 4 years. There will be so many core courses you will learn. The example is general psychology. It is a course that introduces you to some major topics in scientific psychology and how to apply them to human behavior.

There are still many core courses need to be learned in bachelor degree. Other example is Abnormal Psychology. It is the course which makes you learn about the incidence of abnormal behavior. It is also the course that makes you learn about the cause of physiological disorder. Other courses you will learn in bachelor degree are Biological Reasoning in Psychology, History and Systems of Psychology, Life Span Human Development, and many more.

After graduated from bachelor degree, you need to continue your study in master degree. Same with bachelor degree, there will be many courses should be learned. It requires 2 years to be finished. After that, you should take one-year internship program to be a licensed mental health counselor. Those are some information for you about mental health counselor degree, and hopefully the information will be useful for you.

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