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Not Convinced About Skylux Travel? Perhaps These Skylux Travel Reviews Can Help You

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Many travel agencies, including Skylux, may incur suspicion about its credibility, but perhaps reading these Skylux travel reviews can help you make up your mind.

The good about Skylux

I have taken the opportunity to search for many reviews surrounding Skylux and I have divided them into two batches. I have divided them into reviews which say that Skylux is a good travel company, and the reviews which say that Skylux is sitting on the other end of the goodness spectrum. Let us begin talking about the first batches of reviews, which are the good reviews.

What makes Skylux a good travelling company? Well first, many told me that Skylux is a reliable company with a believable track record. They provide good prices for any trips that their customer will take and their staffs are friendly and knowledgeable. Aside from the friendly staffs, they got a working customer service department that will certainly help you if you ever encounter a problem along the way.

One other thing that is worth a mention when using Skylux is their refund policy. While many travel companies will be very strict with their refund policy (thanks to them working with hotels and airline companies, which are very strict on their own), getting a refund in Skylux is somewhat easier than getting refunds from many other companies. However, there are times when many customers cannot get a refund for their bookings, which I will further elaborate below.

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The bad for Skylux

Sometimes, they can field an incompetent travel manager in their branches. This problem causes other problems such as the problem that I have mentioned above, which is closely related with refunds and the process following it. Some customers have also reported that some staffs cannot be counted on when it comes to changing airplane seats and/or reservations. Many that uses their service also found that their trip has come up with unknown extra charges that they never expect, which can be very dreading for those who travel on a budget.

Their website cannot be counted on sometimes as well. More than one customers have complained that they found a ‘false’ discount advertisement on page. Some told me that they found an 80 percent discount on the web and when they tried to pay for it, no sort of discount can be found on their bills. Again, this will be a budget travellers nightmares if they do not fix it immediately.

I hope these Skylux Travel reviews can help you make up your mind whether you want to use Skylux or not.

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