What is SkyActiv Technology in Mazda?

What is SkyActiv Technology in Mazda?

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The newest series of car are commonly equipped by many high tech features. Well, it seems that Mazda is also one of the brands that try to accommodate its customers with some great products. One of the most featuring one is SkyActiv Technology as the brand new engine system from Mazda.

What is SkyActiv Technology?

The SkyActiv technology was firstly introduced in the SUV Mazda CX 5 car and then it is followed by some other series. Along with high technology applied, this engine is able to produce more torsion. Such torsion is able to achieve due to the high-level compression engine. Based on the official specification data, the engine of SkyActiv Mazda CX 5 with 2.5 liter of capacity is able to reach the maximum torsion of 250 rpm. It is while the maximum rotation is only on 3.250 rpm. However, this condition can only be found when using fuel with RON 95.

The engine rotation of 1,000 to 3,000 rpm is the range for daily using in the urban areas. As a result, when the driver can take advantage of that torsion, the efficiency of fuel can be more optimal.

The Compression Ratio of SkyActiv Technology

So, how cans SkyActive technology produces such big torsion? Basically, the engineers of Mazda has successfully created high compression ratio on the SkyActiv so that it tends to be more stable and even profitable. As additional information, the compression ratio carried by this engine has reached around 1:14. It can be much higher compared to the engine that commonly applied in sport or super car.

Although this fact is amazing, there should be consequences behind the high-compression engine. There is a law that the higher compression produces bigger knocking as well. To solve the problem is by reducing the heating. Besides, it can also be solved by using any other fuel with higher RON.

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Mazda has its own solution

By remembering that high torsion has possibility to generate other problems, it seems that Mazda has prepared all of them. it is by providing its own solution aside from reducing the heat and forcing the drivers to use fuel with higher RON. It is by implementation of SkyActiv G that can give the customers more benefit. As it is stated on the promotion, the use of this technology allows the customers to save more fuel energy.

Of course, Mazda still develop this technology to be more beneficial for the customers. But at this stage, the SkyActiv technology is more than enough.

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