Nokia Lumia 800

Nokia Lumia 800: Creating A Revolution

Nokia Lumia 800 has already created a storm in the market within a short span of time since its launch. There are reports of Nokia Lumia 800 phone selling like hot cakes in different parts of the world and many experts are saying that it has already exceeded market expectations. Nokia Lumia 800 is one phone that is expected to create a revolution. Smartphones have their strong following today but users often had to pick between the obvious choices of iPhone or other Android phones. With mobile giant Nokia jumping into the fray things have gotten a lot more exciting and its only good news for customers.

Nokia Lumia 800: The beginning of something better and bigger

Nokia Lumia 800It might not be way off the mark to say that smartphones have become a norm today. From working professionals to young students, people from all age groups and social spheres rely on them for their personal and professional communications. With social networking sites ruling the roost, smartphones are the name of the game for many. However so far there was something missing in the market for these phones; a trusted name that many of today’s mobile generation grew up with. The mother of all innovations is what the Nokia Lumia 800 looks like. That’s why when Nokia decided to enter the fray for smartphone market it instantly raised curiosity amongst interested customers.

Nokia has always stood for quality phones that have always been reliable and offer users exciting features and upgrades time and again. Now it has joined forces with another technology giant; Microsoft to come up with Nokia Lumia 800, which is being touted as the smartest of the smart phones. Users have naturally taken to it given the credibility and strong user base of these two of the biggest companies in the world. Nokia Lumia 800 has something for the gamer, the internet user and the amateur photographer. Within a short period of time Nokia’s smartphone has won fabulous reviews, has become a favorite with retailers and definitely caught the attention of users.

Nokia Lumia 800: The truly clever and smart phone

The names attached with it were always going to bring attention to Nokia Lumia 800 but there were also huge expectations to live up to. And for the two companies involved, there was a lot riding on the success of their new joint venture. Hence they have left no stone unturned to ensure that their latest offering is a cut above the rest. And guess what; they have lived up to that promise. Nokia Lumia 800 stands apart from its rivals despite the fact that its platform, Windows Phone 7 doesn’t have a wide market share like say Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android for that matter.

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And that’s because of some of the outstanding features of this phone that hit the right spot with users. Imagine what all you can do with the Nokia Lumia 800. For starters, the voice control feature here is exceptional. Each and every application on the phone can be controlled by your voice. So much so that your phone can now read your text messages for you! How’s that for a smart phone?

Today it’s all about social networking media for a large number of smartphone users. So far they’ve had to keep switching applications to move from one social networking site to the other. But not anymore; Nokia Lumia 800 has all the popular social networking sites integrated in its operating system itself. What does it mean for users? They will not have to waste time flicking from one application to another since all their messages and updates are put together in one single thread. Little wonder then that this smartest of the smartphones has caught the imagination of today’s discerning users. And the looks of the Nokia Lumia 800 are something to be proud of too!

Nokia Lumia 800: Sleek and sexy

Nokia Lumia 800The outstanding features and specs on Nokia Lumia 800 are unquestionable but a lot needs to be said for the look of this new smartphone as well. Its sleek design has already been called a work of art by many and its getting its due in the market for it. Style conscious users are lapping it up because not only does it look cool but it comes in different colors, which match their personalities or their outfits at any rate. The fantastic screen is another highlight of this phone, which scores highly on the look besides the functionally and design.

Nokia Lumia 800 has upped the game for smartphones and has made a sensational impact already.


Nokia Lumia 800: The Smart Choice

Nokia Lumia 800 has quickly become a name to reckon with in the smartphone market so much so that it’s already selling like hot cakes. The numbers are mindboggling and users are lapping it up. Nokia has thrown down the gauntlet not only to its detractors but competitors as well, who are likely to have many sleepless nights in the near future. Such is the massive impression Nokia Lumia 800 has made not only on smartphone users of different ages and preferences, but experts as well who are calling it a groundbreaking phone of our times. And you thought that sobriquet was already taken?


Nokia Lumia 800: In A League Of Its Own

Nokia Lumia 800 has made its rivals sit up and take notice and its fan following is growing from strength to strength. But when Nokia, a trusted name in the mobile phone industry forged an alliance with technology powerhouse Microsoft, it was bound to happen. And it has only made retailers and users smile from ear to ear. Those who thought iPhone had a monopoly over the smartphone market can thing again. Nokia Lumia 800 is here and it’s here to stay.


Nokia Lumia 800 exploration

Nokia Lumia 800 has successfully captured the attention of the masses in being - as Stephen Elop, the CEO of the Finnish company mentions - “the first real Windows Phone” that beats all others in the category with its smart design and well-integrated hardware and software.Nokia Lumia 800 – Nokia and Microsoft join hands - The Finnish phone giant Nokia launches its first Windows Phone 7 handset in the Nokia Lumia 800, ever since it joined hands with Microsoft in February this year. This phone runs on the WP 7 OS from Microsoft and is a striking deviation from the Symbian platform that Nokia has been using so far in all its products. Microsoft and Nokia’s collaboration therefore brings the fall of the Symbian technology as the main OS of Nokia devices, in support of Windows Phone 7.


Nokia Lumia 800 – what is in store for you?

Nokia Lumia 800 is a phone that is the latest addition to Nokia’s brigade of smart phones. Nokia, a brand that is known to be among the first to introduce convenience to the user has not lost this service feature even today. Typically Nokia phones are known for their high investment in technology and when it comes to Nokia Lumia 800, this fact holds firm ground.In this article we will discuss why you should consider buying Nokia Lumia 800 and how its special features will accentuate the smart phone experience.


Nokia Lumia 800 – why you should own it

Nokia Lumia 800, a phone that has captured a lot of attention in the smart phone market offers the end user many reasons to consider going for the switch. Nokia as a brand does not need any introduction. For many years now it has been the number one handset manufacturer and still remains to rule a major share of the market in some of the most mobile savvy nations of the world. The Nokia Lumia 800 is a goldmine and in this article we are going to tell why.

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